Conversation 1 of 3
From “Vacuuming and Digesting,” a fall conversation series at Yale about interactive design
November 14, 2017, 1:30pm
Yale School of Art, EIK (32 Edgewood Ave)
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Speakers (in order of appearance):
Dan Michaelson (Critic), Laurel Schwulst (Critic), Ayham Ghraowi (Fellow), Sheila Levrant de Bretteville
(Director of Graphic Design), Bryce Wilner (Graphic Design ’18), Lucy Lindsey (Sculpture, ’17), Nilas
Andersen (Graphic Design ’18), Micah Barrett (Graphic Design ’19), Nate Pyper (Graphic Design ’18),
Simone Cutri (Graphic Design ’19) 



Do students feel more empowered with the Yale wiki versus staff using the Whitney’s website?
I guess we could ask everyone: Is there something about the site that makes you inclined to contribute and change it?


Yeah, actually like before when I got here, I used to browse every single link in and see how the background images change every time I click different links.
(One of the things I brought up during my interview haha) Since I got no idea of how this website is constructed and at that time,
I thought it was cool to have such a messiness and how incredibly different it is from any other school sites
, in juxtaposition to the prestige, the history, and the Ivy League status. And then I found that it is actually run and redesigned by the member of school
which made me more passionate to work on my portfolio to get in here. I guess. Also for now, things like credits of person who changed the last on the left bottom section or
the moment of when the posters and background images fit nicely make me inclined to contribute and change the part of Wiki.

(Micah Barrett)

When I was looking at it a while ago, I was noticing some patterns with subtle little GIFs. Specifically the background image module. Some of them are pretty direct and obvious, like the background on the calendar page. Then I found myself really enjoying the financial aid background image, which is this really bizarre contraption GIF. You’re moving through the site. I was starting to read it in a slightly different way which was really exciting. Ayham: You felt like there was some sort of meaning in someone putting that GIF on the financial aid page?